Table of UTC Jurisdictions

UTC-derived Directed Trust Statutes

Each of the following jurisdictions has substantially enacted Model UTC §808 verbatim. Oregon and Florida added that a party with a power to direct (i.e., a trust protector or trust advisor) is presumptively a fiduciary, although that is a default, and not a mandatory provision of applicable law in those jurisdictions.

Verify whether your state has also enacted Model UTC §105 (Default and Mandatory Provisions) to determine if the directed party’s presumption of fiduciary duty may be waived by the settlor.

Alabama Ala. Code 19-3B-808
Arizona A.R.S. §14-10808, 14-10818
Arkansas A.C.A. §28-73-808
District of Columbia DC Code §19-1308.08
Florida Fla. Stat. §736.0808
Kansas KS Stat. §58a-808
Kentucky KY Rev. Stat. (386B) §8.8-080
Maine ME Rev. Stat. 18-B-§808
Maryland MD Estates & Trust Code Ann. §14.5-808
Massachusetts ALM GL ch. 203E §808
Mississippi Miss. Code Ann. §91-8-808, 91-8-1201
Missouri MO Rev. Stat. §456.8-808
Montana MT Code §72-38-808
Nebraska N.R.S. §30-3873
New Hampshire NH Rev. Stat. §564-B:8-808
New Mexico NM Stat. §46A-8-808
North Carolina NC Gen. Stat. §36C-8A-1-11
North Dakota ND Cent. Code §59-16-08
Ohio Ohio Rev. Code §5808.08
Oregon OR Rev. Stat. §§130.685, 130.735
Pennsylvania 20 PA Cons. Stat. §7778
South Carolina SC Code §62-7-808
Tennessee TN Code §§35-15-808, 35-15-1201-1206 (Dedicated trust protector statutes)
Vermont 14A V.S.A. §808
Virginia VA Code §64.2-770
West Virginia WV Code §44D-8-808
Wisconsin WI Stat. §§701.0808, 701.0818 (Dedicated trust protector statute)
Wyoming WY Stat. §§4-10-808, 4-10-710-718 (Dedicated trust protector statutes)