The law and practice standards concerning the use of trust protectors and directed trustees is constantly evolving. As we produce relevant education materials, or as we find other materials and receive the right to redistribute them, we will post them here from time to time. Please check back often to deepen your understanding about the role of protectors, advisors, and directed trustees.

For attorneys:

October 2017: The Bespoke Trust Protector – Slides from 2017 WealthCounsel Symposium

Full PDF version of slides from a one-hour continuing education session BPC founder Matthew T. McClintock delivered at WealthCounsel’s 2017 annual Symposium.

February 2017: Tailoring Trust Protector Powers – YouTube video from 2017 Laureate Gathering

June 2016: Leimberg Newsletter (2016) – Think More Deeply on Protectors (PDF)

To ask if the trust protector is or is not a “fiduciary” doesn’t consider the broader nature of the protector’s role. We must look to the underlying powers the protector holds to determine what standard of care should attach to the exercise or nonexercise of the powers.