Professional Trust Protector

Serving as the named trust protector, Bespoke Protector Company can hold broad powers including:

  • Removing and replacing trustees;
  • Changing powers of appointment for strategic transfer tax and capital gains tax planning;
  • Adding or deleting beneficiaries;
  • Strategically choosing new trust situs and governing law; and many more.

We work with the drafting attorney to tailor trust protector language according to the plan’s needs, consistent with applicable laws. Depending on the nature of the powers we accept, we may hold powers in a fiduciary capacity, a nonfiduciary, or quasi-judicial capacity, or a purely nonfiduciary capacity.

Bespoke Protector Company will generally serve as protectors for trusts created in any jurisdiction, but we require the opportunity to review the trust instrument and to potentially propose revisions before accepting the appointment.

Our review fee is $500, which we will apply to the first year fee for our services as trust protector if we accept the appointment. Our annual fee for serving as a trust protector for a U.S. domestic trust begins at only $750 per year. The annual fee is determined for each strategy based on the nature of the protector’s role and the powers we agree to hold. CONTACT US to get started.

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