Why we’re here

Although founded by experienced attorneys, Bespoke Protector Company is not a law firm nor a trust company. We created Bespoke Protector Company to solve specific problems estate planning and elder law attorneys face:

  • Finding an experienced, professional, independent party to hold specific trust powers
  • Finding a directed trust party – like a trust protector, trust advisor, or distribution trustee – with a perpetual life expectancy
  • Enabling attorneys to avoid inherent conflicts of interest in roles not covered by their own liability insurance

As more individuals form long-term, multigenerational trusts, administrative flexibility is imperative. The founders of BPC have written and taught extensively on the role of trust advisors and trust protectors in U.S. domestic trusts and employ a disciplined, strategic framework to help ensure that the settlor’s wishes are effectively carried out, even as laws and beneficiaries’ circumstances evolve over time.

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